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Unique Recipes of ethnic Tay Bac Kan

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Long, residents Tay know cooking shrimp, tomato. Previously, shrimp, fish, fishing should easily be in addition to the daily food such as boiled, fried, baked … people know processed foods have very particular taste is sour shrimp, sour fish.

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Unique Recipes of ethnic Tay Bac Kan

The song big fish and shrimp mixed batch of, hearing flour, ropes and other special spices then sealed incubated, after a while people get cooking. Fish now eating very fragrant, sweet and sour taste of the individual. Particularly due to the long incubation, even fish bones were very soft so the cook can eat meat with bones and not give up anything. Today, the craft of making sour shrimp, tomatoes tend to develop in the Ba Be Lake. Along the river bank, the stream of people taking fish and shrimp processing. Is crayfish, new river fish for flavor, separate from the countryside. When caught fresh shrimp, fish rivers, people choose those intact, equally, fish slices and then follow the procedure above and incubated closed. After some time, when the fish have absorbed enough spices, fermented, left sour shrimp, sour fish from tofu, certainly not anyone forget the flavor, the aroma of ropes, soft sweet sour helped ease, eat with upland rice cooked by the most fastidious person must also nodded and said food is not that bored. Often, people we sour shrimp, fish not to mince and mix door crushed them up, but keep in mind that if for minced meat and neighbors will lose the flavor of shrimp, tomato Ba Be Lake . Sour shrimp can eat with vegetables, boiled meat, vegetables, forests … stimulate the appetite to eat more delicious. Unlike sour shrimp or sea Hue with intense sweetness of sugar, sour warmth of neighbors peppers, shrimp, tomato Ba Be lake is sweet, sour, spicy but natural, sweet taste smoother , Holy, slightly spicy spicy but very charming, separate.

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Currently, every five days the sour shrimp sold at the market fair Khang Ninh, on the way to Ba Be Lake. People often eat sour shrimp with sliced ​​boiled bacon, with sour contract, banana, nem hearing pigs, sprout with lentils, vegetables, vegetables … Between forest landscape, green non water specifically of the Ba , to slice sour shrimp, corn small drink a few glasses of wine, you’ll feel the flavor of the bacon, hot taste, celebrated my back chilli, aromatic neighbors, peace with the sweet, sour shrimp soaked extremely attractive.

In addition to other specialties of Bac Kan high as chicken hypothalamus, sticky hands, mushrooms, vermicelli, rice, and taro, shrimp, tomato can say is the most typical specialty of the Ba Be Lake

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