Ba Be Lake tours

Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 3 days

Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 3 days

Ba Be Lake, surrounded by rugged limestone mountains, is Viet Nam only natural mountain lake. This important eco-system is best known for it’s over 330 species of butterflies. The package is well de
Grand of Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 2 days

Grand of Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 2 days

Explore this beautiful natural Lake located in Ba Be National Park, where there is dramatic landscape and authentic culture, it is only 280 km from Hanoi. After careful review, Viet Vision Travel woul
Hanoi – Ban Gioc – Ba Be lake 5 days

Hanoi – Ban Gioc – Ba Be lake 5 days

Big adventure of Vietnam North East, Private tour, accommodation(stilt house – hotel), discovering the biodiversity values of national park and cultural diversity of local ethnic groups in Vietn
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The beauty of scenes in Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake is an ideal tourist destination has many beautiful natural scenery, exciting ethnic cuisine, you find out and decide to not miss out on this exciting trip.


Take the local boat to visit Ba Be lake

Ba Be Lake, in addition to oil, ponds progress, Dong Puong cave, widow Island … there are many beautiful tourist attractions you can not miss:

Ba Be Lake have a unique geological landscape and biodiversity. Park is recognized as one of 21 national tourism Vietnam. Garden area organized homestay for tourists to stay with people. Most of the houses are built of wood, with floor for visitors to rest.

Ba Be Lake Park also has a large flat grass area on the lake where locals often organize exchanges of people every year from 8th to 11th January following the lunar Chinese New Year. These days the playing cows, buffalo, … folk games, singing and dancing of the Kinh people and the region.

Fairy of Liang Xia (Na Ri, Bac Kan) is a natural cave for a long time and by the Ministry of Culture and Information ranked the National Monument since 1999. From a distance, as a young girl sleeping, while inside the shimmering by the array of stalactites.

Ba Be Lake is about 6 km away to the south, the Hua Code, also known as the Treo is a large cave with beauty attractive, bring in the heart of the legendary mysterious history.

Called The Hanging by cave is located halfway up the mountain with an elevation above sea level is 350 m, length 700 m, ceiling spot wide and as high as 40 – 50 meters, the door into the house east and south. Doors overlooking a non blue waters.

The old name and write received vy the period of ancient caves in the words on the left cliff “Ma Hua wonders first.” Right of the main door was filled with stones add up together. The establishment of the Hua Ma is still a mystery and there are many different interpretations …

Birds in Ba Be lake

Birds in Ba Be lake

Waterfall Na compartment located at the foot of the Wind Pass, next to Highway 3, the center of the town of Na regimen (Ngan Son) 6 km. Mining region covers an area of about 12 hectares, is composed of two large streams, which is Na Deng stream flows through the canyon Lung Chang, small streams originating from the summit side Slieng run from the southwest to about 88 m, the water with Na Deng stream, with steep slopes formed 4-storey waterfall system is about 600 m long, 15 m average width, which flows down stream circuit.

Above the waterfall is also a small lake in green bath location is ideal for those who want to avoid the noise, immersed in nature.

With beautiful scenery, attractive, cool climate, fresh and valuable research on geology, geomorphology, ecology, mineral Na PPC has been recognized as a provincial heritage landscapes .

Pac Ngoi village has more than 40 folds of traditional stilt houses are nestled on the mountainside, but the immediate surroundings of Ba Be lake so as to respect the beauty of the ecotourism area is famous here.
Strangely, while in many other local traditional sticky floor gradually replaced by modern house built solidly, here Pac Ngoi village that still houses the floor bring the look the source of capital from the past.
According to the authorities here said: Locals do not build modern homes not because they do not have the money, because they want to preserve and conserve the cultural capital of the Tay. If there are no houses on stilts, Pac Ngoi village no longer Pac Ngoi.

Source: – Ba Be lake tours by Impress Travel

Source: - Ba be lake tours, Impress Travel

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