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The beauty of incense trade of Tay ethnic in Ba Be province

In Pac Nam, San Chi ethnic majority of the local people, most living in communes in the district. Besides agriculture, they have a tradition of craftsmanship was highly technical, traditionally characterized. In particular, more unique craft is used to weave linen cloth.

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The beauty of incense trade of Tay ethnic in Ba Be

According to the Royal Town Cats particular, in the Na Thiem, socially performance is weaving linen has a long established and handed down through generations. Any woman that only San adulthood also knew the car linen yarn for weaving fabric for everyday life of the family. The San Chi favored in Pac Nam linen, because it is durable than the fabrics made from cotton or other fabrics.

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The beauty of incense trade of Tay ethnic in Ba Be province

The linen fabric is not merely create the fabric, beautiful dresses, but also expressed through skillful, hardworking woman living life by the San Chi. It is also one of the criteria to evaluate talent, ethics, quality and business women of San Chi.

Previously, to create straight flax for weaving, you have to strip the bark bast fibers into small and interconnected wisely so as not to create a line at the junction. The next step, one with the flax turn them into frames twisted into coils. Then bring rolled, boiled in lye. When the lye is washed with white linen. After you have finished preparing fibers, the fabric will be started.

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The beauty of incense trade of Tay

When fabrics and textiles, indigo staining fellow. With only woman flukes, their costumes mostly indigo skirt, along with sisters make the red border on the skirt, to create a costume of their ethnic characteristics unlike any site that recovery of other peoples. Besides the costume on, they used linen to sew blankets, towels …
Today, when economic conditions developed, weaving linen is considered the period, time-consuming, so the majority of women in local Shantou only choose to buy flax car available, is presented sold in the bazaar of communes and districts in order to weave skirts, shirts and other items in everyday life activities
Only women are at Pac Nam is very proud of its excellent weaving linen of his people. The maintenance of this craft is required in the interest of the local branch level, in order to preserve and promote the cultural identity of ethnic minorities in general, people in the local San Chi particular district.