Ba Be Lake tours

Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 3 days

Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 3 days

Ba Be Lake, surrounded by rugged limestone mountains, is Viet Nam only natural mountain lake. This important eco-system is best known for it’s over 330 species of butterflies. The package is well de
Grand of Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 2 days

Grand of Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 2 days

Explore this beautiful natural Lake located in Ba Be National Park, where there is dramatic landscape and authentic culture, it is only 280 km from Hanoi. After careful review, Viet Vision Travel woul
Hanoi – Ban Gioc – Ba Be lake 5 days

Hanoi – Ban Gioc – Ba Be lake 5 days

Big adventure of Vietnam North East, Private tour, accommodation(stilt house – hotel), discovering the biodiversity values of national park and cultural diversity of local ethnic groups in Vietn
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Tham temple in Bac kan province

Tham temple land of New Market – Tree Market (now the town of New Market, Cho Moi District, Bac Kan province) has long become spiritual tourism addresses of thousands of visitors in and outside the province each year in the journey “retreats to the roots”, especially last spring occasion. Legend has visited the holy shrine of anecdotes associated with a woman’s ethnic minorities beautiful, rich humanity, a brave female general stand against the enemy.

Tham temple in Bac kan province

Tham temple is the historical – cultural – landscapes with a rich history are Buddhists, people and tourists cross admiration. Located Bac Kan town about 40 km to the south, in the dreaming space, front house is the river bridge blue water, gentle undulations, after Temple’s rock horns of sequence information Khuong majesty. In recent years, the temple is to attract pilgrims largest, located in the chain of spiritual tourism from Cho Moi district to Bac Kan town with first destination was to visit the pagoda Thach Long, Temple Waterfall Rieng (in Cho Moi district) and to temple She, temple (in Bac Kan town). Vi Van Bach – Head of Management Temple said after the 1st Year of the Dragon to the end of January, a day to pick thousands of visitors to the festival, an increase over the same period.

Tham temple female church minister called Tham, a Highlander girls, but fatherhood fishing on the river bridge.

The bigger the more competent beautiful, modest, thus the name Princess Muong used her power to make her juice. Not doomed to bitterness and humiliation princess named Muong ruthless, greedy. Especially when God called Muong as enemy minions to massacre civilians. She had left the Princess Tham Muong, poor set up to fight the enemy. She Swallowed led his peasant army defeated the enemy, but she had been hit by enemy stand names and sacrifices. To commemorate the brave female general, loves the poor, people of New Market has made ​​her temple Tham on the floor of her father.

According to local records, the temple was built from simple, very long, then circa 1929-1930, Nguyen The smell of wood traders, after a flood is to break the array, drifting friends, thought can not find but when the raft before they were weighed again to visit. As it is a harbinger of the sacred, a relief of the study. Seeing the sacred temple, where the charming, he spent his money, and donations of local people to build to visit now. It was on the occasion of New Year, holidays, full moon day, a mosquito, the bustling Temple, just to burn incense in memory of a competent personnel, a brave female general, as well as to enjoy the charming scenery, the atmosphere in good clean place Penglai Highlander. She Swallowed went into spiritual realms of the Kinh, Tay, Nung, Dao … colony in this area.

ba be lake tours

Tham temple

Over time, through the resistance war against the French, visiting witnessed the vicissitudes of history, when the checkpoint outpost of the military establishment, it was used as the office of the Appeals Committee New Market battlefield. The architecture of the temple has been renovated several times, but still seems primitive today, reflecting the majesty and solemnity, but not too fussy, including Mother Temple, Temple She and Buddhist areas.

4 holiday visit is the routine (2/2 lunar calendar) is the biggest annual festival, the summer holidays (10/3 lunar calendar), the summer holidays (10/7 lunar calendar). Every year on 20/2 (lunar) often have special issues most.

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