Ba Be Lake tours

Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 3 days

Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 3 days

Ba Be Lake, surrounded by rugged limestone mountains, is Viet Nam only natural mountain lake. This important eco-system is best known for it’s over 330 species of butterflies. The package is well de
Grand of Ba Be lake tour 2 days

Grand of Ba Be lake tour 2 days

Explore this beautiful natural Lake located in Ba Be National Park, where there is dramatic landscape and authentic culture, it is only 280 km from Hanoi. After careful review, Viet Vision Travel woul
Hanoi – Ban Gioc – Ba Be lake 5 days

Hanoi – Ban Gioc – Ba Be lake 5 days

Big adventure of Vietnam North East, Private tour, accommodation(stilt house – hotel), discovering the biodiversity values of national park and cultural diversity of local ethnic groups in Vietn
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Tac Tinh Waterfall Lai Chau Vietnam

Address : Tac Tinh  Binh Lu Tam Duong district, Lai Chau visitors not only captivated by vast sugarcane other people’s, it is also an attractive landscape waiting for you to discover that The Love Falls.

Tac Tinh Waterfall

Do not know ever since called “The Situation” was formed and exists in the minds of each resident Dao in particular and all the people here in general. By to Knives: Author: mean high water from falling rocks protruding from a vertical cliff (cliff with a height of 50 meters or more above the ground); situation: that is the water from the waterfall down into a puddle on the ground (like a small lake).

ba be lake tours

Tac Tinh Waterfall ba be lake tours

Lai Chau town 30 km south-east, from Highway 4D fell 3 Binh Lu town you’ll have to go through about 2km bumpy winding road to get to the foot of the waterfall. From a distance operators The effect shows up as a charming picture painted marine dreaming between the northwestern mountains as if each visitor to explore, discover.

Tac Tinh Waterfall vietnam

Operators The Situation derived from the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, about 130m high waterfall, pouring down vertically, foot waterfall about 40 meters wide, the foot of the waterfall is a large lake about 200m2. Stand at eye falls The effect shows up as a charming picture painted marine, in the light of the sunset you’ll find rainbow image pops up on the cool waters, a relaxed feeling, lightheadedness then each visitors do not forget to save the

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