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Plants in Ba be Lake

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According to the initial investigation, flora Ba Be National Park consists of four elements: the native vegetation of North Vietnam – South China, plant migration India – Myanmar, rare flora and fauna endemic to the region .

Only woody species to 620 species belonging to 300 genera, 138 families, including all species typical characteristic of karst Northeast Vietnam: Grinding, top, left, Tiling, Paving the United … and hundreds of species of Orchids, Cymbidium, especially rare Truc wire only in Ba usually grow in the cliffs along the lake and rivers, coal pendulous ancient make a good impression.

Plants in Ba Be Lake [1]

Plants in Ba Be Lake

Ba Be National Park has its own unique flora present in these forest types and forest conditions:

Evergreen broad-leaved closed forest tropical moist limestone: high distribution from 400 to 700m, the area remains small due to the impact, the dominant species: Grinding, Boy, Ding, Tiling flowers, some species they Gie. in White lake species Tram, Tram with, Ken, Si, Gospel Army.

Jungle of tropical moist evergreen valley focus some categories, Thung, timing. In this type of forest classified into four distinct floor, emergent layer that Valley distinguish white body with a blue background of the three downstairs.

Closed forest tropical moist broadleaf evergreen rain on mountainous land: mainly distributed at an altitude of 200 to 800 m with some Gie species, Like, take heart in the top;, Lat, follows in the lower and Hu , Fillings, Oak, cross the forest recovery after shifting cultivation.

Carpets shrubs, scattered trees (on the mountain rock and soil): mostly wood trees (three, Japanese lemon, forest Hong packaging) and shrubs such as cocoon, she said.

Plants in Ba Be Lake [2]

Plants in Ba Be Lake

Bamboo forest with all kinds of lug, Truc nests and the little forest, bamboo shaft sockets, wire-endemic species often grows concentrated in the cliffs along the lake and the Nang River.

Flora with high biological diversity is both indigenous and migratory properties with many rare and endemic species. This is just the major attractions for tourists and is the subject of scientific research. The corresponding forms of tourism potential must include the research, scientific research in high biodiversity areas, open tour routes through the forest primeval … However, the need to take measures strict protection in sensitive areas, to avoid the impact of tourism activities. In particular, there should be measures to minimize the negative impacts of visitors to natural resources and the environment. It is considered as an indispensable principle of sustainable use of natural resources.

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