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Nui Coc Lake tours

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Nui Coc Lake [1] is the name of a man-made freshwater lake in Thai Nguyen province [1], Vietnam. This is an attractive tourist destination of Thai Nguyen. Moreover it is also associated with her ​​legendary romance and the Frog. Nui Coc Lake is mentioned many times that the National Tourism Year 2007 to be held in Thai Nguyen
Nui Coc Lake [1]and Ba Be Lake [1]have similar terrain but other provinces but the terrain here is very nice and very similar to each of them carried a poetic beauty of its own.

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Nui Coc Lake tours

Lake is the center of Thai Nguyen City 16 km to the west. From the city of Thai Nguyen Tan Cuong go through (a commune is famous for tea), will see Nui Coc lake out front. This is an eco-tourism zone associated with many myths.

Dan Provincial Road – Xinjiang – Nui Coc Ly flat paved, winding, gently embracing the immense green hills, green trees and blue of the Xinjiang tea leaves – tea leaves represent the Thai Nguyen tea first name Tingle. In this way about 15 kilometers from downtown Taiyuan, visitors can not help but stunned by a mountain lake with islands interwoven between waves striking lakes – Ho Nui Coc.

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Nui Coc Lake

It is not a natural lake, Coc Mountain Lake was created when the dam was built the river. With 89 large and small islands heaving over the lake, Nui Coc lake [1]  Ha Long is like a miniature. Clouds blend with mountains, trees silhouetted blue lake with exotic allure, especially for those already familiar with high-rise buildings and crowded streets.

Sea route between the lake, visitors can not help but curious appearance before a three-port on the island’s Mount The. Landed here, after this three-step through the gate, you’ll have to step up the 108 stairs up to the fans. This house dating back 200 years. Inside the house, more than 1,000 artifacts on display, this is the traditional village products are brought to more than 90 villages in all parts of the country.
From her the legend – he Coc …


Nui Coc Lake tours vietnam

Referring to Nui Coc Lake can not not mention the affair between her and the Frog – a painful love story traces left today.
Stories that:

Once there was a poor boy living by cutting wood, he called coke. Because of the poor so he could not get her glasses. Each time sad, that he could only send hearts on flute. A loss of the season, his cup to the office in the hallway near the river, hired Gam. This agency has a sweet and beautiful girl singing, dancing well known throughout the region tingle, that she the. Many people ask, but her tentative application of no one. Award made in heaven, flute glasses made him a girl’s heart flutter.

Know, the corridor became furious. He began his glasses do the hard and dangerous in order to harm him. With the help of his first and the wild animals, he finished cups all requirements. But that does not satisfy the hallway, he caught and locked her in the house for the army chased him cup. The glasses guy, his home for the day to see her lover. He waited, waited until the piece itself into the mountain that she is yet to come. Missing man cup, the crying her life, and her body is dissolved into the water.

Coc mountains now embodied in the old man, and the love he had transformed into the gentle river. They say, once flood up every time she tried to pull himself to be the guy near the cup over.
About the third … tree

The story of the tragic love of young couple of mountain rivers is legendary not only love in the Nui Coc Lake. Three trees, two boys, a girl is standing there is irrefutable evidence.

Once there are two identical twins as two drops of water, both man and extremely talented and filial piety. One day, his body down from the mountain, he met the most beautiful girl and budding love for each person. The next day, the girls are looking forward to the guy yesterday who is also the time I met her down the mountain and well. The children also passionately before the face of the girl. The girl, who was completely surprised when she was standing before him is another.

One day, the girl of his appointment on engagement, shy girl consented. The next day, he and his brother would write down the mountain engagement. Touched think boys are repeated promise, the girl nodded.

Date of appointment to the same convention, the light yellow pages VAC, three looked at each other surprised. Cried the girl stunned before the two brothers. Dynamic compassion, Ngoc Hoang board allows for them to be together forever. The next day, three night stand at last, we suddenly see three tall trees, lush stands of heaven.
Destination Nui Coc Lake

Upon arriving here, visitors are not surprised from a tall building, majestic, that statue of Shakyamuni Buddha giant. 45m high statue of the sun blazing yellow. Especially the whole, this is a hollow statue, Buddha statue inside the temple is named Golden Waterfall.

Coming to Nui Coc Lake, visitors can be swept away by a series of other attractive destinations. Sitting on a pontoon boat floating on the river symbolizing her tears in the supply of Legends, visitors can feel more deeply about the legendary rivers – mountain shaped cup over the reproduction of the story. In addition, visitors can tour the three trees, the fairy world or play in the water park (if in summer), the zoo or shopping in the market …

In particular, the musical performances with outdoor stage, where all three trees thengam see the classic tale has special attraction for visitors.

Not merely a place to rest, Nui Coc Lake [1] is a place for visitors to immerse themselves in the legendary feel better about love, life, and even had the opportunity to look back at his retreat.

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