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Justifying Beauty Festival of the Tay Bac Kan vietnam

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Bac Kan province has a lot of characteristics such as tourism and culture, wooden boat race on Ba Be Lake [1], Puong cave, [2] and there are many festivals such as Tet Thanh Minh characteristics.

Every occasion of lunar March, the people of Cao Bang to tingle prepared trays slaves, gold, incense … to organize Tet Thanh Minh, remember ancestors, grandparents, parents and the deceased.

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Justifying Beauty Festival of the Tay Bac Kan vietnam

Ethnic Tay, Nung in Cao Bang Justifying Festival held on 3/3 lunar calendar. However, ethnic Tay, Nung in Cao Bang goes not eat cake, vegetarian cake as Kinh dishes featured in this New Year sticky rice “Deng Dam”. Flung “Deng Dam” Tay language that is distant dark red. These items flung colorful red, blue, black, purple, white, yellow. Flung be dyed with mixed leaves, leaves after next, technology, Gac … so very beautiful colors, good food and very safe. In addition, many Justifying Tet dishes like chicken, hamburgers shoots, stuffed peanuts, fried fish …

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drift of the terrible baker

In the city of Cao Bang and a few other places, people do not necessarily come true ancestral graves on 3/3, which can choose a beautiful day in March the first occasion. Also in the district, people usually true ancestral graves on 3/3. In this day all the roads in the province are bustling traffic, every home ancestral graves, burn incense for the first to show filial piety. Ms. Hoang Thi An, Ly Quoc commune, Ha Lang district, though married nearly 1,000 km from home, but that year also brought her husband home the ancestral graves. She said: “They say that the only occasion in their own town grandparents, parents and those who died were on, to see the children. At that time, children can pray for grandparents, parents bless the lead. So far though, to go back, but I’m still trying hard for parents to be lit incense, just show filial piety, he has been blessed Her health, work smoothly. “

Justifying Festival is a unique culture of the Tay, Nung Cao Bang. Initially only the Cao Bang organizations. Later, the lowland Kinh living in Cao Bang to feel the beauty of this tradition and cultural response, Tet Thanh intelligence organizations, like the ancestral graves to Cao Bang. In this day, people often come from early graves, burn incense and ask local brothel discovered magic grass, cleaning the cemetery, then respectfully burning incense to the family graves, burn incense to the graves around it presentation deck, pouring profession of the deceased invited herbivores.

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