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Ha Hieu commune in Ba Be

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Ha Hieu commune [1]is a commune in Ba Be district [1], Bac Kan province [1], Vietnam.
 Social position:
 Phuc Loc north.
 East along communal cup Dan Trung Hoa and Na regimen town of Ngan Son district.
 Chu Huong commune south.
 West Yen Duong commune [1], Phuc Loc.

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Ha Hieu commune in Ba Be

The Ha Hieu commune [1] has an area of ​​39.98 km ² and a population of 2675 people in 1999, [1] the population density at 67 persons / km ².

According electronic portal government, Ha performance is 39.39 km ² area and a population of about 2922 people, the population density was 74.2 people / km ². [3] commune with Highway 279 running through and is the point of connection to the provincial road 212 Nguyen Binh district of Cao Bang. Ha Hieu commune [1] with the river along the tributaries of the performance of such springs florists, Khuoi road, Khuoi Union, springs cable Ta … flow through.

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Ha Hieu commune

 Ha performance is divided into villages: Na Hin, Na Meo, yellow millet, Lung cup, for the period, Na Ma, cup lining, Khuoi Man, Thom Cold, Na Some, New, East Dam, his back, Canada .

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