Ba Be Lake tours

Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 3 days

Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 3 days

Ba Be Lake, surrounded by rugged limestone mountains, is Viet Nam only natural mountain lake. This important eco-system is best known for it’s over 330 species of butterflies. The package is well de
Grand of Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 2 days

Grand of Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 2 days

Explore this beautiful natural Lake located in Ba Be National Park, where there is dramatic landscape and authentic culture, it is only 280 km from Hanoi. After careful review, Viet Vision Travel woul
Hanoi – Ban Gioc – Ba Be lake 5 days

Hanoi – Ban Gioc – Ba Be lake 5 days

Big adventure of Vietnam North East, Private tour, accommodation(stilt house – hotel), discovering the biodiversity values of national park and cultural diversity of local ethnic groups in Vietn
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Ha Hieu commune in Ba Be

Ha Hieu commune is a commune in Ba Be district, Bac Kan province, Vietnam.
 Social position:
 Phuc Loc north.
 East along communal cup Dan Trung Hoa and Na regimen town of Ngan Son district.
 Chu Huong commune south.
 West Yen Duong commune, Phuc Loc.

Ha Hieu commune in Ba Be

The Ha Hieu commune has an area of ​​39.98 km ² and a population of 2675 people in 1999, [1] the population density at 67 persons / km ².

According electronic portal government, Ha performance is 39.39 km ² area and a population of about 2922 people, the population density was 74.2 people / km ². [3] commune with Highway 279 running through and is the point of connection to the provincial road 212 Nguyen Binh district of Cao Bang. Ha Hieu commune with the river along the tributaries of the performance of such springs florists, Khuoi road, Khuoi Union, springs cable Ta … flow through.

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Ha Hieu commune

 Ha performance is divided into villages: Na Hin, Na Meo, yellow millet, Lung cup, for the period, Na Ma, cup lining, Khuoi Man, Thom Cold, Na Some, New, East Dam, his back, Canada .

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