Ba Be Lake tours

Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 3 days

Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 3 days

Ba Be Lake, surrounded by rugged limestone mountains, is Viet Nam only natural mountain lake. This important eco-system is best known for it’s over 330 species of butterflies. The package is well de
Grand of Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 2 days

Grand of Hanoi – Ba Be lake tour 2 days

Explore this beautiful natural Lake located in Ba Be National Park, where there is dramatic landscape and authentic culture, it is only 280 km from Hanoi. After careful review, Viet Vision Travel woul
Hanoi – Ban Gioc – Ba Be lake 5 days

Hanoi – Ban Gioc – Ba Be lake 5 days

Big adventure of Vietnam North East, Private tour, accommodation(stilt house – hotel), discovering the biodiversity values of national park and cultural diversity of local ethnic groups in Vietn
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Ba Be lake – green pearl in Northeast Vietnam

Bac Kan province is blessed with a scenic Ba. Ba Be Lake is one of the 20 largest natural freshwater lake in the world. Lake has an area of 500 hectares, located in the region of Ba Be National Park, systematic forest on limestone with 417 species of plants, 299 species of vertebrates, have 49 species of freshwater fish in the aquarium .

The beauty of Babe lake

The beauty of Babe lake

     1995 Ba has been the world’s fresh water Lake Conference, held in the United States recognized as one of the 20 special freshwater lake in the world in need of protection. In late 2004, Ba Be National Park is recognized as ASEAN Heritage Park and is a UNESCO world natural heritage.
     Ba Be Lake in the vernacular as “slam Pé” (ie the three lakes) including Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng. Looking down from the mountain, Ba Be lake acres between limestone mountains. Lake shrinks and sandwiched between the steep cliffs. The lake stretches 8 km, width from 200 m to 1 km, an average depth of 17 – 23 meters, the deepest place is 29 meters.
     Ba made even more beautiful by the rich forest resources, diversity. The domestic and foreign scientists have discovered in the lake there are many freshwater fish species typical of northeastern Vietnam, including rare species such as carp, glass, green beam, his arms and hemibagrus.
     Landscape, geology, the area is evident mark on the history of the period to form the crust. Geology and geomorphology, this is the vast ancient limestone, characterized by a very special creation. In recent years, the Geological Institute in collaboration with the Geological Society of Belgium has studied limestone areas of Ba Be Lake. They said that this is an area of limestone dating back 450 million years. It is interesting that in the course of geological change, limestone turn into marble array.
     According to geologists, the limestone becomes marble is extremely rare and unique. Between a karst has a large lake, was marvelous. Bottom of the tank with a 200-meter thick layer of clay to seal, the stratigraphy of this clay does not drain down and and lakes formed so. The lake as a picture wearing the intoxicating heart of the visitors to this place.
     Down the Nang River towards Ba Be Lake. Sometimes the banks of the river are steep limestone cliffs with many strange things in the fairy tale about the events of nature to create Ba Be Lake – a blue gem in the forest northeast.
     Power River through limestone blocks Lung Yan created Dong Puong cave is 300 meters long, 30 meters higher than what the majority want the state, fanciful and sparkling. The wave erosion over millions of years of time on the river limestone mountains has created a mystery of a strange lake. River curled dreaming through the narrow turning in the grotto, slipped under the curtain strange beautiful stone stalactites.
     Efficient in order to exploit and promote eco-tourism and best meet the needs of tourists board the Ba Be National Park system has gradually built motels and other service facilities as the center of entertainment, dining restaurant with enthusiastic staff attentive. The training of human resources, improving the quality of tourist services focused attention. annual staff here are participating in professional training guides, professional suites, tables, bar. Etc. The planning, construction and upgrading of parks, tourist attractions are always interested in investment.
     Visitors to Ba Be National Park is not only enjoy the natural beauty, but also learn about the cultural and scientific value to the team guidance notes staff knowledgeable about Ba and cultural transmission system locally.
     Sunny days, the lake as a picture wearing charm the hearts of fastidious guests. The surface smooth and blue always like a mirror in the dark shadow of the mountain, the clouds of heaven. More romantic girl on the lake often appear in a black suit hands brandishing shuttle lightweight paddles go on a canoe. They are not professional guides enthusiastic and full of knowledge, giving you another unexpected surprise – a journey to explore this pristine natural area.
     To Ba Be National Park visitors not only enjoy the natural beauty, but also to discover the traditional culture here.
     With key singing, guitar has always been the pride of the Tay in Ba, the soul in the hearts of a nation with a population of eastern North Vietnamese.
     Ba is also the hidden cultural treasures art tradition with communities of people living around the lake with abundant legends and unique:
     If you want, you will be welcoming people here to return home, and participate in activities in daily life with her people, and drink the cup of wine spicy corn closed with grilled pork all taken from guard kitchen down to the entertainment quarter.
     The floor protruding ridge of the Tay ethnic group, the cultural activities of ethnic Dao, Mong, the folk songs as sung then, si, glide, dance praise; traditional festivals such as Integrating general, the spring, canoe race, national martial arts, archery, shooting crossbows … has made it attractive to tourists.
     Community residents in Ba Be Lake area there are nearly 3,000 ethnic Tay, Dao, Hmong and Economic live in 10 villages in the National Park, about 58% of the Tay.

Babe lake view

Babe lake view

     More than 2000 years, Tay residents have settled in this place and become the majority ethnic group in Ba. Nung, Dao and lived about 100 years ago. Meanwhile Kinh and Mongolia just migrated.
     Long, the Tay in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam traditional rice cultivation along the valleys, along rivers and streams at the same time they also cultivate other crops. Calendar festival season was marked by “cage” – the festival of bamboo. Typically, residents of the Tay at the low strip of land along the rivers and streams; Dao residents live halfway up the mountain, the Mongolian residents living on high mountains.
     For first time visitors to national forest populations Ba – Bac Kan hidden things through the wild mysterious story brings the legendary color. Guests can live with the natives, sleeping in the floor and learn to explore the cultural characteristics of the inhabitants of this place. This is also where many cultural studies, biology and geology can come to learn and study. Here one can learn of the cultural similarities of the Tay, Nung state. Traditionally, both the Tay and Nung your floor building with 4 to 7 of the support column, made up of two distinct areas, the upper floor as a reception room, kitchen and accommodation; roughly under floor storage farm barn tools and exposure, and poultry. Normally, floor roof with two roof structure or four roof is made of straw, palm leaves. Type of floor tile roofing popular in Ba.
     The whole complex, including lakes, rivers, streams, mountains, caves kept the Ba Be lake annual average temperature is 22oC warm in winter, cool in summer to Ba is a place of rest excursions ideal 4 seasons of the cross.
     First Class majestic waterfall of more than 1,000 meters, made up of three levels, the difference to the levels below the level of 3 to 4 meters in length Ba gave further definition wild romantic.
     Centuries, when it comes to this famous sights one can not not mention the great photos of beautiful girls Tay:

“Bac Kan stream treatment gold, Ba Be Lake, have her green shirt.”

     With long history of geological development with special features of geological and geomorphological as well as landscape, Ba Be National Park is truly a wonder, worthy of the world’s natural heritage.

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